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Communication Arts and Sciences (CAS)

Pursuing Pathways
Pursuing Pathways

A communication minor can aid students in their personal, occupational, and professional endeavors by providing opportunities to gain in their knowledge of communication and to develop their communicative skills. The minor consists of 18 credits of required and elective course work.

Application for CAS Minor


Students intending to minor in Communication Arts and Sciences should schedule CAS 100 as early as possible in their college program after their freshman year. CAS 100 may not be counted as part of the minor.

Requirements for the CAS Minor

Select 3 credits from the following:
  • CAS 211
  • CAS 213
  • CAS 215
  • CAS 252
  • CAS 271
  • CAS 280
  • CAS 283
Select one course from

Additional Courses
Additional courses in Communication Arts & Sciences (not to exceed 12 credits) selected according to the student's interests and career plans. Be sure that at least 6 credits are at the 400 level.

Additional Information About CAS