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What Is a Minor?

A minor is an academic program, consisting of at least 18 credits, that supplements a major. A minor may consist of course work in a single area or from several disciplines, with at least six, but ordinarily not more than half, of the credits at the 400-course level.

General Information About Minors at Penn State
  • Total credit requirements are specified by the discipline and generally limited to 18 to 21 credits
  • All courses for the minor require a grade of C or above
  • Entrance to some minors may require the completion of a number of prerequisites including courses, portfolios, auditions, or other forms of documentation that are not included in the total requirements for the minor
  • Entrance to some minors may require payment of a one time, non-refundable charge
  • In some disciplines, students may not need to complete additional credits or semesters in order to earn a minor
  • Students may pursue multiple minors

Why Should Students Pursue a Minor?

  • Increase marketability
  • Broaden education
  • Pursue an additional area of interest

How is a Minor Noted on a Student’s Academic Record?

  • Receive a certificate for completion of minor along with diploma
  • Recorded on student transcript and degree audit

What If a Student Does Not Complete All of the Requirements for the Minor?

  • The minor is not recorded on the student’s transcript or degree audit
  • A student does not need to withdraw from a minor

How do Students Apply for a Minor?

Additional Information About Minors at Penn State