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Information Sciences and Technology (IST)

Graph depicting IST as interfacing with people and technology
People <-> Information <-> Technology

*Information Sciences, Cognitive Sciences, Engineering, Computer
Information Systems, Human Computer Interaction, Etc.

The IST minor provides students with the theoretical frameworks and skill sets necessary to compete and be productive in the information technology-intensive global context that defines the new "Information Age." Specifically, the minor will build an understanding of core information technologies and related areas of study; will prepare students for the practical application of various information sciences and related technologies; and will engage students in sharpening their abilities to think critically and to work in teams. Students will experience the cognitive, social, institutional, and global environments of Information Sciences and Technology and then apply that knowledge as a supplement to their major.

Application for the IST Minor

  • Enroll in a baccalaureate major other than IST
  • Complete Entrance to IST Minor Form
  • Obtain signature of baccalaureate major adviser
  • Obtain signature of IST minor adviser, Larry Newcomer
    (Email:; Phone: 717-771-4142)
  • Submit completed, signed form to:

    Jeanie Peritz
    104 Information Sciences and Technology Building
    University Park, PA 16802


  • There is a one time, non-refundable charge of $750 associated with the IST minor
  • A student must earn a grade of C or higher in all courses for the IST minor

Requirements for the IST Minor

Prescribed Courses Additional Courses:

Additional Information About IST