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International Programs at Penn State York

Academic Minor

 Learn about tailoring a study abroad program to suit your major.
International Agriculture Minor

The International Agriculture minor is an interdisciplinary program of study designed to enable students to gain an awareness of and an appreciation for the interdependence of the nations of the world for their food and fiber. In addition, students will become familiar with the resources available to solve problems in international agriculture, will be taught to recognize systems of learning transfer, and will achieve an understanding of the impact of technological transfer across cultures.

International Agriculture Program in Russia and Puerto Rico
International Business Minor

The International Business minor at Penn State Harrisburg is an academic minor available to students who are majoring in accounting, finance, marketing, management, or information systems. Organizations are becoming increasingly international in the scope of their operations and routinely conduct business around the world. Proficiency in a foreign language and study abroad along with selected electives provide an understanding of the social, cultural, and political context of the global marketplace. Students must meet admission requirements of the School of Business Administration to take the minor.

Because the Harrisburg area is the center of industry and economic development for south-central Pennsylvania, students are provided with many opportunities to experience the exciting and challenging world of business.
International Studies Minor

The International Studies minor is intended to recognize, for undergraduate students in any major, the completion of an education abroad program, foreign language competency, and related advanced course work. Ideally, the language, international, and advanced study should be integrated around some thematic or geographical focus. A grade of C or better is required for all courses in the minor.
International Studies Major

The International Studies major is an interdisciplinary major that is intended to provide, for undergraduate students in another major, the opportunity for an integrated course of international study leading to a second baccalaureate major. This major is available only as a concurrent or sequential major. The program includes 12 credits of foreign language study beyond the 12th-credit level or equivalent proficiency, and education abroad or equivalent work-internship experience, related advanced course work, and a senior course or project in International Studies. The language, international experience, and advanced study should be integrated around a thematic or geographical focus.




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