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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Q: Do you have a tutor for my course?
A: Yes. The Nittany Success Center has tutors for most courses each semester. Please come and check.

2. Q: Will I have to miss class to meet with a tutor?
A: No. You can have tutoring when you and the tutor have free time.

3. Q: Will tutoring cost me anything?
A: You must be a Penn State York student and the service is free.

4. Q: Where is the Nittany Success Center?
A: The Nittany Success Center is located in the Main Classroom Building.

5. Q: Can they help me with my homework?
A: If you are meeting with a tutor or attend a study group you can bring homework with you,
BUT you need to show that you made an effort to do it on your own.
The tutors are NOT permitted to do homework FOR the student.

6. Q: Can someone proofread this paper for me?
A: You may use the Online Writing Lab(OWL) (turn around time is forty-eight hours, max) for papers but neither
the OWL nor the 1:1 writing tutors will meet just to "proofread" a paper.

7. Q: Is there someone here right now to help me with math?
A: There is drop-in math coaching/tutoring for any student in almost any course. An appointment
is not needed. Contact the Nittany Success Center for hours and days. For some students, a weekly
appointment best meets their needs.

8. Q: What if I decide I don't really need the help?
A: You must contact your coach/tutor and tell them you no longer need their service.

9. Q: Can I take tests at the Nittany Success Center?
A: You must have a documented disability or have permission from the Nittany Success Center.

10. Q: Can just anybody use these computers?
A: Yes. Any Penn State York student may use the computers. Please sign-in at the front desk.


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