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Studying Tips

Below are links to websites that may be useful when looking for study tips.

How much should I study?

How many credits are you carrying?
How many hours are you studying?
One hour of class = two hours of studying outside of class!
Find your MWST (Minimum Weekly Study Time):
If you carry _____ credits, You should study, at least _____ hours per week.

12 Credits Twenty-four Hours Per Week
13 Credits Twenty-six Hours Per Week
14 Credits Twenty-eight Hours Per Week
15 Credits Thirty Hours Per Week
16 Credits Thirty-two Hours Per Week
17 Credits Thirty-four Hours Per Week
18 Credits Thirty-six Hours Per Week
19 Credits Thirty-eight Hours Per Week


Study Skills Survey

Am I:

1. Managing my time to meet school, job, and relaxation needs?

2. Setting realistic academic and personal goals?

3. Staying alert and focused during classes?

4. Listening effectively to get the most out of lectures?

5. Taking lecture notes that are complete, clear, and useful?

6. Reading my textbooks so that I learn what is essential?

7. Understanding how I learn best?

8. Studying effectively for exams?

9. Using a variety of strategies to remember information?

10. Keeping track of my quarterly and cumulative GPA?

11. Testing myself to see if I really understand the information?

12. Using visual aids to help learn?

13. Knowing what I need in a study space?

14. Differentiating between essential and non-essential information in lectures?

15. Motivating myself to study?

16. Differentiating between essential and non-essential information in my textbook?

17. Studying course material so that I understand and retain it for exams?

18. Taking exams in an efficient and systematic fashion?

19. Staying on top of my course work?


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