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Become a Tutor

The Nittany Success Center staff welcomes all students who, despite difficulties in one or more courses, agree to assume responsibility for their own learning. It is our goal to help students become as independent as possible as soon as possible. (No tutor can take a test for you or sit next to you during a test.) We're happiest when a student no longer needs us. We work hard to help students who also work hard.
Name: Semester in school:
Email: Mailbox Number:
Local Address: Home Address:
Major: Date:  
Major reasons you would like this job:
Describe any past experiences you have had in tutoring:

If you are receiving financial aid, please list the sources:

List college courses in which you have earned an A or B by the course abbreviations and number (example: psy 2) and place a check mark by the name(s) of instructors who could give you a recommendation. If you are in your fourth semester, list only the courses you would like to tutor.

Course 1 Instructor Grade Tutor?
Course 2 Instructor Grade Tutor?
Course 3 Instructor Grade Tutor?
Course 4 Instructor Grade Tutor?
Course 5 Instructor Grade Tutor?
Course 6 Instructor Grade Tutor?
Course 7 Instructor Grade Tutor?
Course 8 Instructor Grade Tutor?
Course 9 Instructor Grade Tutor?
May we request a copy of your current transcript?  
Do your have another job?
Are you eligible for work study?
If so, how many hours per week do you work?
How many hours per week would you like to work in the Nittany Success Center?

Please ask Yolanda Beattie in Student Programs if you are uncertain, and if you have not applied for financial aid for the current school year, please do so. Ask Pat for the correct form. After completing this form please print and return to The Nittany Success Center.


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