Stress Management & Test Anxiety

The ABC's of Eliminating Exam Anxiety


Stress Management

Here are a few qualities that will help you develop your college survival skills.

Before you react, though, be certain you are interpreting others' behavior correctly. What you may perceive as a hurtful act may not have been intended as such. Stress can make you blow things out of proportion.


7 Ways to Cope With it All

Talk to someone. Don't bottle your problems up. Go to someone you trust and get it off your chest. Sometimes just verbalizing the problem can help you to see it in a different light.

Make your escape. Taking a break from a difficult situation can do wonders for your frame of mind.

Let it out. Release your frustration in a productive way; a hard game of racquetball, for example, will ease your tension

Forget about it. Sometimes you've just got to say "This isn't important enough to give my time to", and move on from whatever's got you down.

Do something nice. If you find yourself thinking about your own worries too much, focus on someone else who's dealing with a tough situation. You'll get a good feeling from doing something nice for them, and you'll forget about your own troubles.

Do one thing at a time. If your workload seems overwhelming, don't get discouraged. Take the most important task that's haunting you and start in on it. Accomplishing even one of your 'to do's' can make you feel like you're back in control.

Give yourself a break. Some people create stress by setting standards that are too high to reach. Don't try to be perfect - sometimes you'll have to be satisfied with 'good enough'.

(Making Your Mark; Fraser, Lisa.)

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