Projectile Motion


    A program has been written in Visual Basic to simulate three dimensional projectile motion.  Visual Basic run time library for version 6 is needed to run the program. The run time library exe file for the correct version may be downloaded from the link below and run to install it.  The viewer can run the program executable file by clicking the link below. A Projectile Motion screen will appear. On this screen the  X-View, Y-View and Z-View text windows display the values for these coordinates which indicates the position of the viewer.  The scroll bars below these can be used to change the coordinate values. The Init. Vel., Theta0 and Phi0 are the initial velocity, theta and phi angles respectively, of the projectile.  The Win. Acel. is the acceleration produced due to the drift wind and Win. Dir. is the horizontal direction in degrees of the wind. The restitution coefficient is expressed in percentage and represents the fraction of the velocity with which the projectile rebounds after each bounce. All these values can be changed with the scroll bars below them.

    The 'Initialize' button should be first clicked after all the variables have been set to desired values. A rectangle base will appear on the screen. The arrow in one corner indicates wind direction.  The click on the 'Trajectory' button plots the trajectory. The 'Stop' button stops the motion of the projectile. The values of the variables can be changed again and the projectile motion can be started without clearing the previous track by first clicking the 'Initialize' and then 'Trajectory'. The 'Clear' button will clear the display and a new trajectory motion can be plotted. Enjoy the simulation.

Run Projectile Motion Program              Visual Basic Run Time Library