Dr. Deborah Eicher-Catt

Student Homepage: General Information


1.  Have a great spring break!

2.  Research Assistantships Available !!

For students of communication, research assistantships are available. These typically provide an additional opportunity to earn communication credits and some also include a stipend or offer an hourly wage. See me for more details or check out the PSU-York Student Web-site, under "Research Opportunities."


Everyday Classroom Policies
Although classroom environments will differ depending on the class content, several classroom policies and procedures are in effect regardless of the course in which you are enrolled. I expect that you know and follow these procedures. These optimize the teaching/learning experience for us all.

CAS 200 and 498 students - Spring 2005

1. All assignments must be submitted to pass a course and must meet the specific requirements on assignment sheets that I give out during the semester.

2. All papers, outlines, bibliographies, and homework must be typed and in conformity with APA or MLA citation standards. Cite your APA or MLA manuals in the library or on-line.

3. All assignments must be completed on the scheduled dates to receive full credit. Make-ups for missed tests are at my discretion for students in good standing. In such circumstances, documented excuses are required. There are absolutely no make-ups on group presentations. Failure to be here on the day your group presents results in a zero for your portion of the presentation.

4. Do not automatically assume that if you miss an individual presentation you will be allowed to make up the speaking activity. Make-ups on missed speeches are at my discretion (provided we have time to re-schedule and you are a student in good standing). Any make-ups granted will automatically result in a grade penalty of one full letter grade.

5.  All work must be the original work of the student. Assignments are specifically designed to insure originality. Presenting work written by another student or supplying another student with a copy of your work for his/her future use, constitutes plagiarism. Using sentences and paragraphs found on the internet without citing the source also constitutes plagiarism. Anyone caught cheating or plagiarizing in this course may be subject to failure in the course, suspension
from school, or both. I take academic integrity seriously.  I encourage you to do the same.

6.  A final grade of incomplete (or deferred) is discouraged and will be granted only in the case of verified serious illness or emergency.

7.  Code of Ethics. I want us to strive to build a supportive environment in the classroom, one which fosters open discussion and group process. To accomplish this ethic, we must learn to value our individual differences. Hence, I encourage an “inclusive” attitude
rather than an “exclusive” attitude toward issues such as age, color, ethnicity, religious and sexual preferences. Discriminatory attitudes toward others will not be tolerated.

8.  Disability Awareness. It is Penn State University York's policy to not discriminate against qualified students with documented disabilities. If you have a documented disability related need for modifications in a course, please contact me during the first
week of class. You may also wish to contact the Learning Center for assistance with testing accommodations.