AM ST 297H: American Studies 297H (honors)
Death in American Culture

Prof. Gary Collison

FALL 2000
T/TH 1:30-2:45 (Period 14), Room 207

This course examines the evolution of American cultural responses to death from the colonial period to the present. Topics include changing funeral practices; the creation of "rural" Victorian cemeteries; the rhetoric of memorials; attitudes toward the dead body and its disposal; and ethnic, regional, and national mourning and memorial practices. It will include at least one field trip to local cemeteries and perhaps to a major cemetery such as Laurel Hill in Philadelphia or Arlington National Cemetery. Open to all honors-eligible students; otherwise by permission.

Format: lecture/discussion. Major requirement is a research project.

For more information, contact:
Dr. Gary Collison, Room 11, Library, (771-4029,

date created: May 3, 2000