AM ST 402W: American Studies 402W (American Themes and Eras)
American Transcendentalism

Prof. Gary Collison

Writing Intensive

FALL 2000
T/TH 10:40-11:55 (Period 13), Room 206

This course examines the American Transcendental Movement from its beginnings in the 1830s. It will look at the rise of Transcendental idealism, the religious and social aspects of the movement, and the relationship of the individual, society, and nature in Transcendental thought. Topics include: Transcendentalists, Eastern Religions, and the Revolt against Unitarianism and Conventional Christianity; Ralph Waldo Emerson, Idealism, and Literary Trancendentalism; The Brook Farm Commune and Transcendentalist Social Radicalism; Henry Thoreau, Walden, and Ecology: The Trancendentalists' Radical Rediscovery of Nature

Course Requirements: research paper, 2 exams

Prerequisites: at least 5th semester standing OR permission of the instructor

date created: May 3, 2000