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Jane Emery
Director of the Advising and Career Center and DUS Coordinator

Office: Advising and Career Center (MCB) 
Phone: 717-771-4053 

"Pick your major on the pleasure principle, for what you most enjoy studying will draw your mind in the liveliest way to being educated."
     - James Tunstead Burtchaell 

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I work with students at Penn State York helping them make decisions about their choice of major and career. Together, we explore their interests, abilities and values and what options are available. I also help students with educational planning and academic issues: how to successfully maneuver through the university. I believe students are their own best resources and with discussion, exploration and effective decision making skills, they can make good choices and experience success.


B.A. Social Work, Penn State University
M.Ed. Guidance and Counseling, Loyola College

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