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For this course to be what it ought to be, it is imperative that we routinely communicate with each other. Throughout the semester, we need to share what we're learning. To that end, you are encouraged to attend class regularly and to participate in class discussions. I want you to share your theories and ideas, and I want you to voice any confusion you might be experiencing by asking questions. At the beginning of most every class period and, again, after break, I issue a short quiz. Its aim is to check reading, to stimulate thought, and to jump-start discussion.

In addition to encouraging informal back-and-forth discussion on film-studies topics, I require each student to complete seven journal entries during the semester. Responses to these assignments are less informal and subjective. Students are given a question or an exercise, and they report their findings in the form of a short essay, list, or chart. For more information on this topic, see Journal Assignments or the Schedule and Course Outline.

You can contact Michael Jarrett at jmj3@psu.edu.