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Paper #2: Employing Images


In this unit, we have seen that tasks of description allow writers two basic strategies. We can work metonymically, or we can work metaphorically. When we pick a salient detail and let it stand for a whole--for whatever we're describing--we're employing a metonymic strategy. (If I describe you by focusing on your hands, your shoes, the trunk of your car, or on an especially telling event that happened to you, I'm proceeding by means of a metonym.) When we compare an object of study with something else, we're employing a metaphoric strategy--whether or not that comparison seems "poetic."


Single out one word or, at most, one sentence from the scar story you wrote for your first paper. In detail, describe the person, place, or activity that this word or sentence refers to. Carefully observe or diligently recall your subject and, then, present this data in a way that both informs and entertains readers.


Remember that, no matter what strategy of description you employ, it can be made more effective by consciously focusing on the point of view you are taking and by considering the the expectations of your audience.

Here again, submit your paper in two forms: printed out and saved onto a floppy disk--with files saved as ASCII (DOS) Text--reserved for course work in ENGL 015. Give this file a name that follows this model: des_jmj.htm (des_ + your initials + .htm as the file extension). This second paper can be easily hyperlinked to your first paper. As the semester progresses, we will want to discuss ways of linking your work to work produced by your classmates.