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Paper #5: Essaying


This assignment takes up a question: What might become of the essay or, for that matter, the research paper in hyperspace?


Write a series of "jottings" on a topic of your choice (but do consider testing the limits of conventional freshmen composition subjects). Present your deliberations, explanations, and research on this topic in a series of hyperlinked "notes" that model one way to adapt Susan Sontag's "Notes On Camp" for the W3. Among questions you might ask of your work, are these:


Remember, I am testing your ability to read a model essay (Sontag's) as a set of instructions on how to make an essay of your own, and I am testing your ability to exploit the potential of a rather open-ended assignment. Consider yourself as a writer who empties out the content of one essay (leaving only its form) in order to refill it with new material.

Here as on other assignments, you are demonstrating your ability to write for an audience of peers (i.e., adult readers not enrolled in this course). Strive to construct an essay that is simultaneously entertaining and didactic.