How to Recognize a Person That is "Into Grunge"

By Rachel K. Goldsmith

"Grunge" is an attitude, and those that possess this attitude show it through outward means of expression. One way in which they do this is by their dress. Here is a list of articles worn to display possession of a "Grunge" attitude: -Layers of clothing (ex. A T-shirt or two, a button-down shirt and a cardigan sweater) -Torn and/or old clothing, ill-fitted and usually purchased at a Thrift store, Goodwill, or Salvation Army -A well-worn T-shirt displaying a Nirvana album cover, group picture or simply a picture of Kurt Cobain or his death certificate -Corduroy pants, skirts, shirts etc. -Chains and dog collars as jewelry -Dread Locks -Old shoes, often a torn-up pair of Converse with writing all over them -Facial piercings -Unprofessional tattoos (many of which were inflicted shortly after Kurt Cobain's death) Please note that the reasons or symbolism behind this attire has not been included.