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Mystory in Print and Other Media

These books, movies, and records provide commentary and examples that will help you write a mystory.

Gregory L. Ulmer, Teletheory, Heuretics, and, with Robert Scholes and Nancy Comley, Text Book: An Introduction to Literary Language (rhetorics, providing commentary and examples).

Jacques Derrida Signsponge (a book of theory).

Julian Barnes, Flaubert's Parrot (a novel).

Tim O'Brien, The Things They Carried (a novel).

Michael Ondaatje, Coming Through Slaughter and The Collected Works of Billy the Kid (novels).

Ross McElwee, Sherman's March (a film).

Joseph Cornell, Homage to the Romantic Ballet (a series of boxes).

Mary Kelly, Post-Partum Document (an installation).

John Zorn, Spillane (a sound recording).

John Cage, Indeterminacy (a sound recording).