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Print and Media Resources: Integrative Arts

Here are some titles--of books and other media--that will enrich your understanding of mass-media art. Some are reference works; others are works of theory. Borrow them at the library.

Fiske, John (1982) Introduction to Communication Studies. New York: Methuen.

Frith, Simon (1981) Sound Effects: Youth, Leisure, and the Politics of Rock 'n' Roll. New York: Pantheon.

---------- (1988) Music for Pleasure: Essays in the Sociology of Pop. New York: Routledge.

Hebdige, Dick (1979) Subculture the Meaning of Style. London: Methuen.

Klein, Norman M. (1993) 7 Minutes: The Life and Death of the American Animated Cartoon. London: Verso.

McNeil, Alex (1996) Total Television. New York: Penguin.

Well, this is a start, but only a start at a web page that will be helpful to the student of mass media. You might also want to check out titles listed under film resources in print and other media and film resources on the W3.