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Exercise: Cinematography

From the menu posted below, select an image you'd like to analyze. Now identify its salient feature (if needed, look up "salient" in your dictionary). What does the image teach you about photographic or cinematic choices? Next, discuss how the formal features of the image (e.g., depth of field or the focal length of a lens) control how viewers actually view the image, how we "see" it. Do not write about the "meanings" of the image. Do not discuss symbolism. Do not mention topics associated with "content." We want to concern ourselves with matters much more basic and, probably, more significant. We want to explore what can be done with a camera.

[King of California] [Check Your Head] [Look Out for #1] [Jesus Blood Never Failed Me] [Eighty-Seven Years] [Combat Rock] [London Calling] [Giant Steps] ['Round About Midnight] [Blossom Dearie] [Blonde on Blonde] [Nashville Skyline] [Elastica] [I Never Loved] [Focus] [Ballads] [Zen Arcade] [Portrait of Sheila] [Tapestry] [Imagine] [Back in the USA] [Far Wes] [Morning Song] [Good Old Boys] [Definitely Maybe] [Lion and the Cobra] [Cruel Inventions] [Second Edition] [Rid of Me] [Two Wheels Good] [Aimless Love] [Bruised Orange] [Give It Up] [Pictures and Paintings] [12X5] [Aftermath] [Siren] [Rhythm of the Saints] [Horses] [Joshua Tree] [Unforgettable Fire] [Wide Awake in America] [Odyssey] [Way of the Vaselines] [Sell Out] [Amarcord Nino Rota] [Night in Manhattan]

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