Penn State Mark   Dr. Robert Farrell
                 Associate Professor of Biology
Advising Information
Keeping in touch with your academic advisor is one of the best investments of time that you can make, after studying, during your time here at Penn State. It is important that we meet formally, at least once each semester, to monitor your progress and to make certain that you are taking courses that are appropriate for your major. More than once students have had their graduation delayed because they signed up for classes that did not count toward completion of their degree.  This may happen to you if you don't meet with me on a regular basis.

I have an open-door policy, meaning that you may simply stop by for advice anytime, and I will speak with you at that time if I can. I strongly encourage you, however, to make an appointment so that I can give you my full and undivided attention. If you have a scheduling-related concern, please be sure to bring a clean, up-to-date copy of your degree audit with you.

Don't be a stranger! I hope to see you periodically each semester!!

PCR assay for the presence of a pathogen. Lanes 1-6 are positive, lanes 7-8 are negative, lane 9 is a (+) control and lane 10 is a molecular weight standard