Penn State Mark     Dr. Robert Farrell
                     Associate Professor of Biology
Research Opportunities
Penn State York faculty are actively engaged in research of all types.  Students are encouraged to seek out individual members of the faculty to learn more about the research that is on-going and to explore the possibilities for independent study or work-study. On this campus, the opportunities are impressive.

My primary research interest is the regulation of gene expression in both plant and animal cells.  Currently, I am involved in a study of the molecular response of peach tissue to abiotic stress, and the functional genomic response of apple upon exposure to the pathogen which causes fire blight. This work is in collaboration with the USDA Appalachian Fruit Research Station in Kearneysville, WV.  I also have formal training in cancer biology, and remain interested in the molecular changes that occur as cells acquire the malignant phenotype.  In particular, I use RNA as a parameter of gene expression to assess the up- and down-regulation of genes upon experimental challenge.

Students may also wish to visit the web page devoted to collaborative research activities with other  science and math faculty members. Descriptions of the research activities are found by visiting the Penn State's Research Opportunities site on the internet.

The induction and repression of various genes in peach (above) is subjected to molecular scrutiny by PCR (below).