Dr. John Dawson,

Professor of Mathematics

Educational Background

Research Interests

Professional Activities

Extracurricular Interests




 Elementary and secondary:

 Wichita, Kansas public schools.
 Graduated from Wichita High School Southeast, May 1962.


 Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1962-66. 
 S.B. in mathematics, June 1966.


 University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 1966-72.
 Ph.D. in mathematics, August 1972.


 Definability of ordinals in the rank hierarchy of set theory

(Supervisors: D.W. Kueker, A.R. Blass)

 Academic honors and awards

 High school co-valedictorian

 National Merit Scholar, 1962-66

 M.I.T. Baton Society Award, 1966 (for contributions to music at M.I.T.)

 Listed in American Men and Women of Science

 Teresa Cohen Award (for service to the mathematics department at
 Penn State), 1992

 James H. Burness Award for Excellence in Teaching, Penn State York,  2006