Dr. John Dawson,

Professor of Mathematics

Educational Background

Research Interests

Professional Activities

Extracurricular Interests

-Flute Performance
-Siberian Huskies



My wife and I are the devoted owners of two Siberian huskies. We also assist with Siberian husky rescue efforts by serving from time to time as foster owners for huskies seeking permanent homes. If you are intersted in supporting or taking part in such efforts, please explore the sites below.

   "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by
   the way its animals are treated." -- Mohandas K. Gandhi


   1. A listing of rescue organizations for Siberian huskies. 

   2. An auction site that raises money for one of the Siberian husky
       rescue organizations. http://www.sos-srf.org/

   3. Color photos of huskies, including a couple of ours.

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