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 Refereed articles


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 Encyclopedia articles

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 Invited popular article

 Gödel and the limits of logic. Scientific American 2 80:6
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 Typescript publication

 The papers of Kurt Gödel: an inventory. Prepared for the Institute for
 Advanced Study, Princeton, NJ, July 1984. 72 pp. (Abstract in Historia
 Mathematica 13
(1986), 277.) Available online at


 Kurt Gödel at Notre Dame (distributed to attendees at the annual meeting of the Association for Symbolic Logic, Notre Dame, IN, May 2009)

 Books edited

 Kurt Gödel: Collected Works. (Co-editor and translator, with Solomon
 Feferman, Warren Goldfarb, Stephen C. Kleene, Gregory H. Moore,
 Charles Parsons, Wilfried Sieg, Robert M. Solovay and Jean van
 Heijenoort.) Oxford University Press, New York. (Volume I, 1986;
 Volume II, 1990; Volume III, 1995; Volumes IV and V, 2003.)
 Volumes I - III reissued in paperback, 2001.

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 Boringhieri, Turin, 1999.

 Kurt Gödel: Das Album/The Album. (Catalog of the Gödel Centenary Exhibition in Vienna; co-editor and trans- lator, with Karl Sigmund and Kurt Mühlberger.) Vieweg, Wiesbaden, 2006. See also the web site http//www. goedelexhibition.at/start/.

 Books authored

 Logical Dilemmas: The Life and Work of Kurt Gödel.  A.K. Peters, Ltd.,
 Wellesley, Mass., 1997. 361 pp.

 German translation by Jakob Kellner: Kurt Gödel: Leben und Werk.
 Springer-Verlag, Vienna and New York, 1999.

 Italian translation by Paolo Pagli: Dilemmi Logici, La vita el'opera di
 Kurt Gödel
. Bollati Boringhieri, Turin, 2001.

Chinese translation by Tang Lu: Logi de kuen ging Goedel zjuan. Hunan Science and Technology Press, Changsha, 2009.

 Book chapters

 The golden age of mathematical logic. The Cambridge History of
 Philosophy, 1870-1945
, 590-597 (Cambridge University Press, 2003).

Classical logic's coming of age. Pages 497-522 in Philosophy of Logic  (Handbook of the Philosophy of Science, vol. 5), ed. Dale Jacquette  (North-Holland Pub. Co., 2006).

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 Extended abstracts in conference proceedings

 Gödel and the origins of computer science. In Logical Approaches to  Computational Barriers, Proceedings of the Second Conference on  Computability in Europe, Swansea, UK, ed. Arnold Beckmann, Ulrich  Berger, Benedikt Löwe and John V. Tucker (Springer Verlag, Berlin and  Heidelberg, 2006), 133-136.

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 Articles accepted for publication

Jean van Heijenoort and the Gödel editorial project, to appear in Logica Universalis (van Heijenoort centenary issue, 2012).

 Lectures available online

Companion stars: Albert Einstein and Kurt Gödel at the Institute for Advanced Study. http://forum.wgbh.org/node/3191

At odds with the Zeitgeist: Kurt Gödel's life and work. http://video.ias.edu/Godel-Centenary