Physics 150/250

Spring 2011


The following outline lists the order we will progress in this semester.  The tentative quiz due dates and test dates are shown.



Introduction, Mathematical Concepts, and Vectors

Motion in One Dimension


          Quiz 1 - Due Tuesday, January 25th by Midnight


Motion in Two Dimensions


          Quiz 2 - Due Tuesday, February 8th by Midnight


          TEST 1 - Monday, February 14th


Forces and Newton’s Laws of Motion


**SPRING BREAK........3/7 - 3/11............NO CLASSES!**


          Quiz 3 - Due Tuesday, March 1st by Midnight


Work and Energy

Quiz 4 - Due Tuesday, March 22nd by Midnight

Impulse and Momentum


          TEST 2 - Monday, March 28th


Rotational/Circular Motion and the Law of Gravity

Rotational Dynamics

Vibrations and Waves



          Quiz 5 - Due Tuesday, April 19th  by Midnight


Thermal Physics


FINAL EXAM – During Finals Week (5/2/2011 - 5/5/2011)