Laboratory for Physics 211
Spring 2011


Reasons for Lab:


To demonstrate basic principles learned in the lectures, recitation, homework,


reading assignments, and graded assignments.


To improve your technical writing skills.


To introduce you to some of the technology and basic apparatus available  

in many scientific labs.


Lab Equipment:


Lab Handouts (instructor will provide)


Scientific calculator


Pen or pencil

  4) USB drive (optional, but may be helpful)

Lab Partner: You will work in groups of three or two if possible. You and your partner(s) must work together. The work during the lab should be split equally. (If you must leave lab class early for some reason, then you should take your share of the data first.)

Equipment Damage: Before starting any experiment, report any damaged equipment at your station to the instructor immediately. Observe all limits on the instruments you will be using.  Any damage of equipment due to negligence will be paid for by the person who is responsible.

Lab Reports: Lab reports should be handed in at the beginning of lab on the following week.  Lab reports should include the relevant lab handout pages with data and answers to questions shown, and any other associated print-outs, sketches, or written work. You may write your data and answers directly onto your lab handout and submit this as part of your lab report.  Graphs should be neatly generated on a computer and printed out.  If using MS-Excel, use a “scatter plot” rather than a “line graph” in order to be sure your horizontal scale is "linear". 

Attendance: You must attend the lab part of the course. Your grade can be negatively affected if you miss lab.  Missing one lab will unlikely affect your final grade, however two or more missed labs, or poor participation while at lab, can lower your grade in the course.  The details are below.

Grades: There will be 10 lab experiments this semester.  Keep in mind that in the case of inclement weather, we could lose a lab session in which case there will only be 9 lab experiments this semester.  Each person must submit a lab report on 4 of these experiments - you choose which ones.  Each lab report will be worth up to 15 % of your final lab grade for the semester.  Lab reports will be significantly penalized if they are late - 10% per day - there is no exception - even if you were ill.  You have a whole week to work on the lab report - don't procrastinate!  In a bind you may email your report to me at in MS Office format, or FAX your report to (717)-771-4062, or find someone to drop the work in the drop box near the copy room and main lobby of the building.  Be sure to indicate TO:  Kip Trout and FROM: Your Name on the FAX.  In a serious pinch, you can snail mail your report to me at 1031 Edgecomb Ave. York, PA  17403.  Attendance and participation at each lab will be worth 4 % of your final lab grade for the semester.  Your total lab grade for the semester will be worth 15 % of your course grade.



Physics 211
Spring 2011


Week 1........1/10-11...........No Experiment

Week 2 .......1/17-18...........Lab Session 1 – "First Atomic Bomb - Unit Analysis"

Week 3 .......1/24-25...........Lab Session 2 – "Basic Motion"

Week 4........1/31-2/1..........Lab Session 3 – "Force Table"

Week 5........2/7-8...............Lab Session 4 – "Accelerated Motion"

Week 6........2/14-15...........No Experiment Review Session

Week 7........2/21-22...........Lab Session 5 – "Free Fall, Air Resistance and Projectile Motion"

Week 8........2/28-3/1..........Lab Session 6 – "Measuring Friction"

          **SPRING BREAK - NO LAB - 3/7 - 3/11**

Week 9........3/14-15..........No Experiment - Catch up/Makeup Week

Week 10......3/21-22..........Lab Session 7 "Conceptual Exercises"

Week 11......3/28-29..........No Experiment Review Session

Week 12......4/4-5..............Lab Session 8 – "Tarzan Swing - Level 5"

Week 13......4/11-12..........Lab Session 9 – "Torque and Balancing"

Week 14......4/18-19..........Lab Session 10  – "Simple Pendulum"

Week 15......4/25-26..........No Experiment Review Session


Important NOTES:

  • There will be NO lab makeups.  If you miss a lab session for any reason (including illness or business trip), you will lose your participation points for that week. If you feel there is a reason for an exception to this rule, please speak with the instructor.  Above all, the instructor wants you to feel confident that all students in the class are being treated fairly. 

  • You should always keep a backup copy of your lab reports (a photocopy or digitally saved on a computer)!  You should also keep a record of your lab grades for grade auditing.

  • An average score on a lab report is about an 85%.  Pay attention to the instructor’s comments and you will be able to bring your lab scores up.

  • In a bind you may FAX your report to (717)-771-4062.  Be sure to indicate TO:  Kip Trout and FROM: Your Name on the FAX or the instructor may not receive it.  In a serious pinch, you can snail mail your report to me at 1031 Edgecomb Ave. York, PA  17403.