Free Public Seminars



Penn State York’s

Science and Technology

Seminar Series

Spring 2006


Wednesday Afternoons (4:30 – 5:30 p.m.)

Community Room, Joe and Rosie Ruhl Student Community Center



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    February 1       Reflections on the Blues (Why the Sky is Blue).

                                 Dr. Craig Bohren (Prof. Emeritus, Penn State)


    February 8       Physics in 3-D: Computer Animations for Students.

                            Dr. Mike Gallis (Penn State – Schuylkill)


    February 15     Novel Light-Harvesting Bacteria in the Oceans.

                            Dr. Matthew T. Cottrell (Univ of Delaware, College of Marine Studies)


    February 22     Biogeochemistry of Dam Removal in Southeastern Pennsylvania.

                            Dr. David Velinsky (The Academy of Natural Sciences)


    March 1            Effectiveness of stream and riparian restoration in the Mid-Atlantic region.

                                 Dr. Steve Reynolds (National Risk Management Lab, U. S. EPA)


Text Box: March 4           Special Saturday Event; 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.









    March 15         Chemical, Biological, Nuclear Terrorism & Safety Shields.

                            Prof. Nathan Viswanathan (Penn State Fayette)


    March 22         Failure of Texas Tower 4.

       	                Dr. Steve Poulos   (GEI Consultants, Inc., Winchester, MA)


    March 29         Soil and Parasitic Nematodes from Genotype to Phenotype.

           	      Dr. Lynn Carta (Nematology Lab, U. S. Department of Agriculture)
     April 5              Mining Microarray Data in Search of Pharmaceutical Gold.         
         	                    Dr. Dhammika Amaratunga (Biostatistics, Johnson & Johnson Co.)
    April 12            The Hubble Space Telescope.
                                 Dr. John Wood (NASA, Hubble Space Telescope Program)




This program is cosponsored by the Penn State York,

Student Activity Fee Committee and Faculty of Science, Math, and Engineering.


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