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A Guide to the IST Program

This page contains links to in-depth information about the IST program at Penn State and to important printable forms used by Penn State York IST students.

General Information
IST at a Glance
Current Students
Prospective Students
4 Year IST Degree
4 Year IST brochure (PDF file)
2 Year IST Degree
2 Year IST brochure (PDF file)

Entrance to Major Requirements - 4 Year IST

IST Minor

2-IST checksheet
    MS Word
    PDF (56K)

4-IST checksheet - Info Sys: Design & Dev
    MS Word
    PDF (52K)

4-IST checksheet - Info Sys: Design & Dev with Business Minor
    MS Word
    PDF (52K)

4-IST checksheet - Info Tech: Integration & App
    MS Word
    PDF (52K)

4-IST checksheet - Info Tech: Integration & App with Business Minor
    MS Word
    PDF (52K)

4-IST Supporting Courses
    Support of Option(Effective Summer 2003)
    Foreign Cultures Courses

4-IST Roadmap
2-IST Roadmap
University-wide IST home page

Degree Requirements
Associate (2-IST) degree requirements
Baccalaureate (4-IST) degree Requirements

Internship Information
General Information for Students and Employers
IST 295B/495 Requirements at Penn State York
Internship handbook [587K PDF file]

IST Forms
4IST Course substitution form
2IST Course substitution form
Penn State York Entrance to IST Minor Application
Entrance to Minor Application (General application form for all PSU minors)
Gen Ed Sequence Request form
Hours accumulation form [Excel formatted spreadsheet for IST internship]
2IST Individualized option form

Student Organizations
ACM Student Membership Quick Join Form

Scholarship Information
New Economy Technology Scholarship (NETS)

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