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Listed below are the 2IST core courses guaranteed to be offered at night. Night courses start at 4:30pm, 5:00pm or 6:00pm.

Other 2IST (option) courses may be offered at night. Please check the appropriate semester schedule of courses for additional information.

See 4IST night courses for a listing of the baccalaureate option lower-division core courses offered at night.

  • Cmpsc 101 - every Fall and Spring semester
  • IST 110 - every Fall and Spring semester
  • IST 111S - every Fall and Spring semester
  • IST 210 - Spring even years
  • IST 220- Spring odd years
  • IST 250 - every Spring semester
  • IST 260W - Fall odd years
  • IST 295B - every semester

Last Updated January 5, 2008
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