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Associate Degree IST (2IST) Options Available at Penn State York

General Information

All Associate Degree students take a common core of introductory IST courses encompassing introduction to IST, programming fundamentals (currently using C++ as the vehicle language), database management systems, networking and telecommunications, web design and development, and systems analysis and design. Associate Degree students are strongly encouraged to take an internship.

Visit A Guide to the IST Program to obtain a complete list of courses for each option.

Visit PSY IST Course Descriptions to obtain a complete list of course descriptions.

Associate Degree Options

Baccalaureate Option

This option was created to allow students to earn an associate degree in IST while at the same time completing requirements to easily continue studies toward an IST baccalaureate degree. Completing this option allows students to fulfill all of the lower division requirements for the IST baccalaureate degree. Required courses are IST 230, IST 240, STAT 200, ECON 2 or 4, MATH 110.

General Business Option

This option enables students to specialize in the business areas of accounting, marketing and management.

Software Option

Graduates with this associate degree option will be prepared for entry-level opportunities in programming support. Students take courses in contemporary programming languages (e.g. C++ and Java), web programming, and database programming. Required courses are Cmpbd 205, IST 211, IST 256, IST 247.

Networking Option

Students in this option will be prepared for opportunities in PC/network support. If your goal is to enter the field of network administration, this option will help you. The course work covers personal computer hardware, networkng essentials and network administration (IST 225, IST 226, IST 227, IST 228).

Individualized Option - Web Design and Development

This set of prescribed courses will prepare students for a career opportunities in web design and development.

Individualized Option

While our Associate Degree options have been designed with great care, students may not find an option that exactly matches their individual goals. This option allows a student to work closely with an IST academic adviser to develop a plan of study that meets the dual objective of allowing a flexible academic program and providing breadth of technical specialization.

IST at Penn State York

For additional information, please contact any member of the Penn State York IST faculty.

Last updated December 26, 2003

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