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Baccalaureate Degree IST Options Available at Penn State York

General Information

All Baccalaureate Degree students take a common core of IST courses encompassing introduction to IST, programming fundamentals (currently using C++ as the vehicle language), database management systems, networking and telecommunications, discrete mathematics, statistics, JavaScript, UML and Java, an overview of organizational structures and functions, human computer interaction(HCI), and emerging technologies. In addition, all Baccalaureate Degree students must take a capstone project course and an internship. Baccalaureate Degree students are strongly encouraged to take courses in web design and development and systems analysis and design.

Visit A Guide to the IST Program to obtain a complete list of courses for each option.

Visit PSY IST Course Descriptions to obtain a complete list of course descriptions.

Baccalaureate Degree Options

Information Systems: Design and Development

This option focuses on expanding the skills needed to develop advanced information technology systems using state-of-the-art tools and techniques. The emphasis is on providing students with both knowledge in the design, implementation, testing and evolution of complex software systems and a set of project-oriented, team-programming experiences. Required courses include IST 311, IST 411 and IST 413.

Information Technology: Integration and Application

This option prepares students to use information technology to realize a variety of system-based goals (such as reliability, accessibility and efficiency). The option focuses on developing a theoretical foundation and the skill set needed for integrating information technology into different systems to improve their performance. The emphasis is on providing students with both the theoretical framework needed to use information technology as a system attribute as well as a set of application-oriented experiences and skills. Required courses include IST 302, IST 420 and IST 421.

IST at Penn State York

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Last updated December 26, 2003

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