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Wow! What's The Chance Of That?

Wow! What's The Chance Of That? Workshop

What are the chances you can toss 10 coins and get all heads? How easy is it to guess a number between 1 and 30? What if there are two different colors of numbers and you have to pick the color and the number? How likely is it that two people in a room have the same birthday? These are simple questions with some very surprising answers! Using basic math, you can calculate the likelihood of all these things, and many more. We will also determine the answers experimentally, so you can see for yourself. Using probability, you can know exactly what the chances are.

Jenifer C. Diver B.S. EMET
Engineer, Kaplan Group
Voith Hydro Inc.

Dr. Dion D. Franket
IdeaTorque LLC