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DNA Detectives

DNA Detectives Workshop

Did you know that the complexity of human chromosomes (the "stuff" from which we are made) reduces to four very simple repeating units? Amazingly, these same four repeating units define the diversity of all life, both plant and animal, on earth.

Participants will gain insight into the nature of these building blocks and at the same time learn how scientists and mathematicians isolate, study, and formulate mathematical models to relate the deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) from different organisms to each other.

This workshop will be conducted in the Penn State biology laboratory and will be set up as a forensics-style investigation in which participants must use DNA statisical information to identify a criminal.

Dr. Robert Farrell
Assistant Professor of Biology
Penn State York

Sharon Shoop, A.S., B.S.
Food Safety and Laboratory Services
Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture