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Tarzan Swing Home


You’re running as fast as you can through the jungle with fifty head hunters chasing you.  Your breath is short and your mouth is dry, but there’s no stopping.  For if you stop, you die.
Suddenly there’s a cliff.  Beside you  - a vine.  Across the chasm – a cave.  Do you swing across? Of course you do; you’re “Tarzan, King (or Queen) of the Jungle”.  But consider: 

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1. What if sharp rocks surround the cave?  How will you avoid them? 

2. What if obstacles (huge rocks) are sticking up from the bottom of the chasm?  How will you avoid them? 

3. What if you must let go of your vine part way across the chasm?  Can you still safely make it to the cave? 

These are just a few of the situations that could develop if you were “Tarzan, King (or Queen) of the Jungle”. 
     It is now your job NOT to be “Tarzan, King (or Queen) of the Jungle”, but to be “Tarzan, King (or Queen) of the Classroom”.  There are nine different levels which you will attempt to conquer.  The higher the level, the more advanced the calculations.  It will be your job to get Tarzan across the chasm free of injury (in this case get the water balloon through the square hole in the plywood without breaking the balloon). 
     You will be given certain variables and will be expected to calculate others.  You will then swing the water balloon using your findings.  If you are correct, Tarzan will go into the cave without harm.  But if you are wrong, get ready for the water to fly. 

     GOOD LUCK! 

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