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Access to these FREE teaching materials must be restricted, to prevent students from bypassing the interesting and challenging calculations necessary to learn with this tool. 

The teaching materials include: 1) a complete Teacher's Resource Manual with tips, diagrams, charts, examples and answers to all Tarzan Swing Levels,  and 2) some extremely helpful Tarzan Simulation Computer Programs.  The computer programs are executable files, so you don't need special software to run them.  In fact they will run on nearly any IBM compatible PC.  The programs are easy to use and will greatly speed up your grading of students' tarzan lab reports.

To make things as easy as possible, you may email me at  kxt7@psu.edu  to get a PASSWORD.  You will need to tell me your name, position, institution, institution phone number, etc. so I can verify you are a teacher before sending you a password.  Any information you can send to help prove you are a faculty member is helpful.  Understandably, I will not send you a password if I cannot verify that you are a teacher. 

After you have received the password, you may access and download the teaching materials here.

If you would prefer to use snail mail to contact me, that is fine also.  Please put your letter on your school or department's letterhead as additional evidence of your faculty appointment.

Karl P. Trout
1031 Edgecomb Ave.
York, PA 17403

Please mail any comments to the Karl P. Trout